I’m Sorry, but My Autism Makes You Seem Like a Moron: Why I Try Not to Stupidity-Shame

I don’t know what my IQ is, but even if it’s perfectly average I figure I’m smarter than half of all human beings. That’s a lot of relatively stupid people I have to cope with on a daily basis, but I try not to whine about it because I figure it serves me right because my own relative stupidity must be dealt with by all of the relatively intelligent people that compose the other half of the population and who have to cope with me on a daily basis.

In the end I guess it all balances out, which is why as a rule I don’t like to make people feel ashamed for being stupider than I am. What’s there to be ashamed of? Relative stupidity is all just part of the Human condition.

But it’s the exceptional rule that has no exceptions at all, and every now and again I will meet someone who really seems to be begging me for just a teaspoon of shame sauce, and in these occasions I like to have on hand a good zinger that can satisfy their craving.

My own version of this makes use of my ASD diagnosis, but the general format can be used with most any condition:

“I’m sorry, but my dyslexia makes you seem like a moron.”

“I beg your pardon, but my ADHD makes you seem kind of dim-witted.”

“Whoa, my hay fever is making you look ridiculous!”

You get the picture.

Hope that’s useful!




  1. I just add some extra barbs to my always present sarcasm. The sheeple and idjets don’t really “get” sarcasm anyway so they think I’m just joking.

    Yes, this does occasionally backfire and I have to apologize and ensure a friend I was indeed just being my sarcastic self and didn’t intend to hurt them.

    Hmmmm….. Maybe “My Fibromyalgia is triggered by idiocy…ouch ouch ouch”. Wadda ya think? A good one?😂

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    1. LOL, yes, agreed, also a good tactic that is easily adapted…

      “Holy shit, what you just said was no stupid it’s giving me a migraine!”

      “Sorry about my ferocious halitosis. That always happens when I witness pathological folly.”


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