I Prefer the Term ‘Nowfulness’ Over ‘Mindfulness’

Here I wish to register my personal dissatisfaction with the term mindfulness, which I find obscure and confusing. It smacks of bad translation, perhaps by someone who learned English as an adult and maybe subscribes to that misolinguistic cargo-cult of You Don’t Really Need To Master Grammar To Make Yourself Understood. Also, I suspect it was someone held in great reverence by fawning religious devotees who either didn’t want to risk committing a sin by questioning their “master’s” ill-conceived neologism, or worse, actually liked this bit of jargon, and this mainly because of its obscurity.

Anyway, in it’s place, henceforth (and until further notice) I shall try to use nowfulness, which is in my opinion much more transparent, given that the actual nuts-and-bolts practice of so-called “mindfulness” appears to me to boil down to filling one’s mind with stuff that’s happening right now.

Hope that’s useful!

Image Credit: Image by mleonascimento0 from Pixabay